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What We Did After School – Tie Dye


Gray goes to school all day, and I work so we don’t have as much time together as I would like. I pick him up at 3:30 and when we get home we have about an hour together that is just the two of us. I try to do something new and fun at least once a week and I will be sharing it here. Sometimes I pick some activities that aren’t necessarily geared towards toddlers (like today) because I think they will be fun and I think he can do them with some support.

Activity: Tie Dye

How we picked it: Gray picked it out at the craft department at Walmart. He said he wanted to make “rainbow shirts”. Here is a similar tie dye kit on Amazon.

Cost: The kit was $18.99, plus we used some shirts (and underwear!) we had around the house

Age of participants: Gray – 2 years, 6 months

Setup: I taped up the old picnic table with trash bags. I rubber-banded the clothes the night before. I filled up a pitcher with water and Gray poured it into the bottles (with assistance).

Carefully carrying his water
Carefully carrying his water
Mixing up the dye
Mixing up the dye
Making a shirt for Dada
Making a shirt for Dada


How long did Gray play with it: 32 minutes!

Was it a success?: Definitely. I couldn’t believe how long he worked on this or how interested he was. I also loved that he put some thought into how he was making things – “pink for mama”. He was also able to work on a lot of “practical life” Montessori skills – carefully carrying, pouring, wiping up messes, rolling up the shirts afterwards, putting lids on and off.

What did we struggle with?: Gray struggled with squeezing the bottle too hard and it got a little messy. BUT, we were outside and the beauty of tie dye is that it can be messy but still be awesome. Also, cutting off the rubber bands and rinsing the dye out in the bathtub took FOREVER. Gray helped me cut once and then ran off to do something else.

Will we do it again?: Maybe. He definitely enjoyed it but a house only needs so many tie dye shirts, ya know? But check out the kiddos in their adorable tie dye:

ALL of the Tie Dye!
ALL of the Tie Dye!



Here is the funniest part of this whole project: James was very proud of the shirt Gray made for him (all by himself!). He wore it to work the next day and got a lot of compliments. Someone even thought it was a “designer” shirt. I guess Gray may have a future in the fashion industry 🙂

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  • Oh what fun! He looked like he was trying to be so careful when he was carrying his water

  • I love that you and Gray have time together and that you do fun things like this with him! I don’t think I’ve ever done tie dye and it come out this great. 🙂

  • This is so cute! I love that James wore his to work. Gray was probably so proud.

    • SO proud! He’s also been wearing his tie dye underwear all week. I’m so glad we made 2 pairs!

  • Wow, your tie dye came out beautifully! It’s so vibrant. I cannot get over your adorable kids : ) I used to loveeee doing tie dye and will definitely do it with my daughter when she’s older. Great video and tutorial.

    • The neon dye was SO vibrant. We had so much fun doing this! I actually just bought some muslin blankets and we are going to dye them for baby gifts 🙂

  • So cute!! My twins are 4 yrs old and I still haven’t tie died with them. You’re awesome!! Everything ended up looking great!

    • Thanks Mary! You guys should try it. Just definitely do it outside!

  • So fun! The twins look absolutely adorable! I have to try this with my kids one day. I used to love doing the die when I was younger.

  • What a cool project! Your son did so well! I bet my 6 year old would totally love giving this a try! Thanks for the idea! You guys made some cute items!

  • How fun!!!! Those shirts with the lace on them? ADORABLE!

  • This looks so fun! And your kids are really cute!

  • You are very ambition with the toddler age!! I think I would be scared…but he did well!! Congrats!! hey I’m having a link party tomorrow if you’d like to stop by and share I would love to have you!! (

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