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Twins at 5 Months


I cannot believe our twin girls are five-months-old already! It feels like we are finally getting in our groove. Here’s what Sadie and Scarlett are up to:

Motor Skills

  • Sadie – You are starting to roll over more (only belly to back) and love to be in your jumper and exersaucer. You are great with your hands – you can grab pretty much anything and put it in your mouth.
  • Scarlett – You still love to roll (both ways!) and have awesome head and neck control. You are also starting to scoot around a bit and LOVE the jumper. You still need some work with your hand-eye coordination.




  • You both are starting to be very chatty! It seems like you take turns being the talkative one for the day. Sadie – you have starting making an awesome growling sound. We call it your monster noise and it’s hilarious.




  • You both are still getting a mixture of formula and breast milk. You get 28 ounces a day across 5 bottles.
  • We just started solid foods. We take a little bit of puree, mix it with some breast milk, and feed it to you with a spoon. Sweet peas have been a hit!

Current Schedule

  • 5:00am – Dad feeds you before work and then you go back to sleep.
  • 8:30am – You get up for the day and have a bottle. You play, go for a walk and then nap at 10:30am.
  • 12:30pm – Another bottle, more play time and then a nap at 2:30
  • 4:30pm – Another bottle, and family play time when everyone is home at 5pm. You take a bath at 6pm and then put on pajamas and go to bed.
  • 8:30pm – Last bottle and then back to bed.


  • You guys have become pretty good sleepers! You are sleeping for an 8 hour stretch at night, and our goal is to drop the 5am feeding in the next month. Nap time is also going much better. You guys are moving so much now, and I think you are exhausted by the time you get to bed.


  • Sadie, you are still our goofy, happy girl. You love being around people and are very social. You are pretty easy to keep happy – as long as someone is looking at you and talking to you.
  • Scarlett, you are sweet, serious, and snuggly. You save your smiles for special people, but are becoming more laid-back overall. You love to observe and analyze. You LOVE your Mama and it makes her SO happy 🙂

Weight and Length

  • You are both around 15 pounds. We will get official weights at your 6 month appointment. No idea on lengths.

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