Milestones Toddler

Gray at Two-and-a-Half


What you love:

  • Books! The David books, the pigeon books, the bear books, any books where we can play I Spy. You have also recently started to love audiobooks and we listen to them in the car.
  • Puzzles. You love to do big floor puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. You usually need help the first few times and then you memorize where everything goes and can do it by yourself.


  • Building. You love Wedgits, Legos, Trio blocks, Magformers, and Lincoln Logs.
  • Being outside. You love your sandbox, water balloons, chalk paint, and your bubble mower.
  • Playing games. Your current favorites are Cariboo, Ned’s Head and Sound Bingo.

What you can do:

  • You can dress yourself. You are very particular about what outfit you want to wear and come up with some crazy combinations 🙂

    The first time you got dressed all by yourself - everything was on backwards, including your underwear
    The first time you got dressed all by yourself – everything was on backwards, including your underwear
  • You are doing a great job with potty training. You rarely have accidents and are starting to tell us when you need to go. You still wear a diaper at night.
  • Sing! You LOVE to sing and can sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABCs, Baby Beluga, I’m a Little Teapot, Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, the list goes on.
  • TALK. Gray, you talk SO much! Right now you are in a negotiating phase and like to make plans. This morning you got up and told me, “Here’s the plan. We are going to go potty, get dressed, eat breakfast, and then go see the ghosts. OKAY?!?” You also counted each of these things out on your fingers. You are a little list maker just like your Mama.
  • Help in the kitchen. You love to get on your learning tower and scoop, pour, mix and measure. You also like to set the table, put dirty dishes in the sink and “sweep” the floor.

What you are learning to do:

  • You are working hard to learn how to zip, button and snap your clothes. You constantly ask us to “give you a lesson” (that’s what they call it at school) on these things when you get dressed in the morning.
  • You are learning Spanish! You don’t want to speak it to anyone but your teacher, but Mom convinced you to count to 10 the other day.
  • You are still working on some gross motor skills like riding a tricycle and jumping.
  • You are learning to play with your sisters. Sometimes they frustrate you and I know you can’t wait until they can talk and play. You are working on sharing, and sometimes you like to sing to them and hold them. You have also started comforting them when they are crying. It’s the sweetest thing ever.

    He looks thrilled...
    He looks thrilled…

How you sleep:

  • You are a champion sleeper. You sleep from 7pm-7am every night. At school you take an hour nap, but on the weekends you still take a 3 hour nap.

What you eat:

  • You love to eat. Whenever we meet with your teacher she always mentions your big appetite. Your favorite things are tacos, pizza and chili. You also eat cottage cheese and cantaloupe every morning for breakfast.

Gray, you are such a fun, smart, sweet little boy. You are so curious and excited to learn. We love to play with you, take you places, and teach you new things. I can’t wait to see what you will be like as you grow!

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