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Sidewalk Chalk Paint – What We Did After School

chalk paint with toddler

I found some awesome chalk paint at Walmart on clearance. It came with paint brushes and foam rollers and Gray LOVED it. I went to go buy more and they were sold out. I decided to make chalk paint with him and it wasn’t as successful.

Activity: Chalk paint

How we picked it: It was on clearance and looked really fun.

Cost: I paid $4.00 for the chalk paint kit. I paid $0.97 for a box of cornstarch. We already had the food coloring.

Age of participants: Gray – 2 years, 6 months

Setup: Chalk paint set – we added water to the paint, mixed it up, and were ready to go. Making our own – we mixed cornstarch and water (I eyeballed it but I would guess it was 2 parts water to 1 part cornstarch) in muffin tins. Then we mixed in gel food coloring.

How long did Gray play with it: Pre-made chalk paint – about an hour. Homemade chalk paint – 3 minutes. It took us 15 minutes to make it and he played with it for 3 :/

Click on the pictures for a better view:

Was it a success? The pre-made was definitely a success. Not only was he able to create, but we worked on labeling shapes and colors, we worked on counting, we worked on a lot of gross motor skills (like jumping). The homemade – not so much. The most successful part of that activity was making it. When we brought the paint outside he asked for the rollers from the pre-made kit. Unfortunately he kind of destroyed those and I threw them away.

What did we struggle with? The Type-A in me struggled with the way Gray haphazardly mixed all of the colors together. He does it with play doh too and it drives me a little crazy. I don’t say anything and remind myself that they are his materials. He didn’t really struggle but I could tell that it irritated him that the homemade paint wasn’t as vibrant as the pre-made kit.

What would I do differently? Buy more paint rollers. He loved them!

Will we do it again? I just ordered some more chalk paint from Amazon Prime and can’t wait to do it again next week. I don’t think I will make chalk paint with him for a few months.

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  • I love that you were honest with this. Some mom bloggers paint a prefect life with no errors and this made me connect more.

    • Thanks! I hate reading “perfect” posts too. I would rather know how things really went before I invest time and energy into an activity 🙂

  • If only I could share with you photos of my kids going to town with chalk paint on our driveway! So fun!!

  • Thanks for being honest about how the homemade stuff turned out. Sometimes that is really hard to admit, but it happens. The pre made stuff looks like fun! I may need to get some for my kids.

  • This looks like so much fun. My little man would love it!

  • So cool. I think all my boys would love the rollers too. My oldest would probably like making it, but would only like the brighter colors too. If only our driveway wasn’t covered with snow and ice…. 🙂

  • I like using Crayola chalk products. They have many bright colors and the don’t stain the concrete. Molly still enjoys drawing on the sidewalk. I enjoyed reading your blog.☔️😍😃

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