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Toddler Advent Calendar Activities

Toddler advent calendar

I am SO excited about Christmas this year! Gray understands who Santa is and is already decorating the house. We are introducing an advent calendar for the first time. Instead of candy, we are going to do a Christmas activity each day. I got out a calendar and plugged in activities that will work for our schedule – simple, easy activities for weeknights, more elaborate activities on the weekends, and some local events we are going to check out.

I am hoping the calendar will hold me accountable and we will do A LOT of fun holiday things. I also know things can be a little crazy around here, and there will definitely be some changes made. Here is our (tentative) plan:

  1. Read Elf on the Shelf.
  2. Decorate the mini Christmas tree.
  3. Go to the Parade of Lights.
  4. Watch Frosty the Snowman.
  5. Make a gingerbread train.
  6. Make peppermint bark for Dad.
  7. Paint ornaments.
  8. Make Christmas play dough.
  9. Dress up the magnetic Santa.
  10. Go to the library and look for Christmas books.
  11. Make and drink hot chocolate.
  12. Bake Christmas cookies.
  13. Deliver Christmas cookies to neighbors.
  14. Go to Michael’s and pick out a Christmas craft.
  15. Go shopping for presents for your sisters.
  16. Make a Christmas list for Santa.
  17. Make footprint crafts.
  18. Make reindeer food.
  19. Go look at Christmas lights.
  20. Go see Santa!
  21. Wrap presents.
  22. Take Christmas pictures.
  23. Go to the Frosty the Snowman play.
  24. Open your Christmas Eve box.


I typed each of these out and added an image. I printed them, cut them out, and shoved them each into a drawer in our advent calendar. This is a similar advent calendar on Amazon.

Advent calendar
Our awesome advent calendar!

I also made additional activity slips. I know things are going to change and go wrong so I made extras: make snowflakes, make a wreath, learn a new Christmas song, and watch Rudolph. This way, they are already made and I won’t have to scramble to put something together. These are also super easy activities that don’t require any prep work.

I will be blogging about all of these activities. I am hoping there will be a lot of successes, but I will also share when things don’t go well.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Love this! You are so creative and I don’t know how you find the time 🙂

  • I love this little calendar tree! I definitely need to get my LO one! I also love all your ideas. Sounds like you will have an awesome December!! ,and by the way your babies OMG adorable!

    • We are going to have a busy December – I hope it’s awesome 🙂

  • Great list of activities! I also do an activity advent calendar and I love that you have alternate activities in case something doesn’t work out. I will be doing this in the future.

  • Such a cute idea!!! XOXO

  • I LOVE the idea of this! My grand daughter will be 3 in a couple weeks, so she hasn’t really caught on to the idea of Christmas or Santa yet (she talks about wanting to go to the mall to see him, then cries once there), but I know she will in another year or so. I will remember this! Thanks for the idea, and I look forward to reading about each one! I will follow on your accounts! God Bless

    • Thank you Jason! The first 2 activities have gone really well – I’ll be updating this weekend.

  • What a super cute idea! I think any kids would love this.

  • This is a fantastic advent calendar idea! I love the idea of no chocolate! And your header picture of your kids is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  • I love this idea! I am hoping to get my act together for next year and have some better advent activities. 🙂 And peppermint bark, yum!

  • I love all of these fun, easy activities! I made a list last year with a countdown chain, but have been really slacking this year. The only real things on our list are have breakfast with Santa (hosted by our town) and bake Christmas cookies for the neighbors.

    I hope you guys have fun!

    • I am dying to take Gray to a breakfast with Santa, but I’m afraid he will get scared. He likes Santa at a distance.

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