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Christmas Advent Calendar – Week 1

advent week 1

Womp womp. We had a rough first week with the advent calendar, but still managed to have some Christmas fun!

  1. Read Elf on the ShelfThis was okay. He named the elf Boobah. We read the story, and he enjoyed it. He also likes finding the elf in the morning, but he isn’t SUPER into it. It almost feels like he’s humoring us – “Oh, there’s that elf thing again. Cute you guys. A for effort.”

    Elf on the Shelf
    He was more excited about the apple sauce than Boobah
  2. Decorate the mini Christmas tree. Gray really enjoyed this! I thought he would put on a few ornaments and then run off and do something else. He happily put on ALL of the ornaments by himself. The only thing he needed help with was the “lights”. Win!

    Decorating Mini Tree
    Gray was pretty proud of his tree – even if it was lopsided
  3. Go to the Parade of Lights. Nope. We tried SO hard to make this happen. We got there at 6 for a parade that started at 7. Big mistake. I tried to to find us a spot and James tried to find a parking space. Neither of us had much luck. We ended up taking Gray to “The Walmart” to buy new socks. He was a happy boy, so I guess it’s the little things that matter.
  4. Watch Frosty the Snowman. By far our most successful activity this week. Gray snuggled on the couch with Uncle Tim and watched the whole thing. He has watched it 3 times since, and asks to watch it any time we tell him he can watch a movie.

    Uncle Snuggles
    Snuggling with Uncle Tim while watching Frosty
  5. Make a gingerbread train. We never did gingerbread houses in my family, so this is the first one I’ve ever constructed. Holy crap, it is hard! The pieces aren’t perfectly shaped, and the “glue” (royal icing) doesn’t do a great job of holding anything together. Gray got pretty impatient while we were assembling this and really just wanted to decorate with the candy. Next year I will definitely buy an already assembled one. Gray helped me put it together and we left it to dry. Gray puked everywhere that night, so our Christmas adventures are on hold until he gets better.

    Building a gingerbread train
    Carefully constructing his train
  6. Make peppermint bark for Dad. On hold until the stomach bug is over.

Here’s hoping for better health for next week!

Check out our full advent calendar here

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  • Oh no! Hope everyone feels better soon. We tried to make a gingerbread house last year, and it was a complete disaster.

    • It is still standing. We will see what happens when we decorate it!

  • I love the efforts and accomplishments in being festive!

  • Sounds like a fun week! Our elf gets into quite a bit of mischief… the kids LOVE seeing the mischief she gets into. Last year when she showed up, she used a dry erase marker to give everyone in our family picture a mustache 😉 The girls thought that was REALLY funny! haha

  • As long as everyone’s having fun, that’s all that matters.

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