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Christmas Advent Calendar – Week 2

advent calendar 2

This week was awesome! We got caught up on some of our activities from last week, and fit in a lot of Christmas fun.

5. Make a gingerbread train. Like I wrote about last week, this thing was a disaster to construct. It was pretty hard to decorate too. Gray is in a “I don’t want help” phase and it was really hard to get the icing out. He let me do it, but was clearly irritated. He liked putting the candy on, and the train turned out pretty cute. We may try this again next year when he is older, but hopefully I will reread this post and decide to find something else to do.

gingerbread train
Finally finished

6. Make peppermint bark for Dad. Gray’s favorite part of this activity was definitely using a hammer to break the candy canes.

We used this recipe, and I was told by many people that is was THE BEST peppermint bark they’ve had. I think it’s the peppermint extract in the chocolate that makes a difference. Anyway, since we were using a stove and melted chocolate, there were a lot of parts of this that Gray couldn’t do independently. He wasn’t thrilled about this (big shocker). He did love the end product though!

7. Paint ornaments. Major success. You can read about that here.

8. Make Christmas play dough. Gray LOVED the “candy cane” play dough. I got the idea here from Growing a Jeweled Rose (I adore this blog and all of her wonderful sensory ideas). Since it was a no-bake recipe, Gray did most of the prep. I wanted to make red and white play dough, but he wanted green and brown, so we went with that. He played with this until bedtime and then asked for it as soon as he woke up. He’s played with it pretty much every day since.

rolling oin
Rolling out the dough with 2 of his favorite people
christmas cookies
He made “cookies” with the dough

9. Dress up the magnetic Santa. I got this on clearance last year, and introduced it to Gray this year. He thought it was boring and played with it for about 2 minutes.

10. Go to the library and look for Christmas books. The library is always a win for Gray. His favorite Christmas book was It’s Christmas, David! He loves the part where David pees in the snow 🙂

11. Make and drink hot chocolate. Loved the marshmallows. Didn’t love the chocolate.

Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate!

12. Bake Christmas cookies. This was a process. We did a lot of cooking this week, and by Saturday Gray wasn’t super interested in the kitchen. He really helped with the peanut butter blossoms. He added the mix and all of the ingredients to the mixer. He quickly learned how to use the cookie scoop (each time he would say, “scoop, flat, plop”). He also unwrapped 20 Hershey kisses all by himself!

chocolate face
The boy loves chocolate!

13. Deliver Christmas cookies to neighbors teachers. I decided Gray’s teachers would love to have some cookies he helped bake. I put them in a cute box, attached a Starbucks gift card, and our teacher gifts were done! He was so proud when he delivered the cookies. It made the whole ordeal worth it.

box of cookies
Our cookies made perfect teacher gifts!

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