Milestones Twins

Twins at 6 Months


We are half-way through our first year with twins and a toddler! Time is flying by. Here’s what the girls are up to this month.

Motor Skills

  • Sadie – You are rolling all over the place! If I put you down for a minute, I have to be careful. You may end up on the other side of the room! You are constantly moving. When we try to work on sitting up, you fall over because you are bouncing or trying to get somewhere else.
  • Scarlett – Your hand-eye coordination is so much better! You are also doing a great job with sitting. You can sit for 30 seconds without falling over.


  • You are both playing around with sounds and beginning to understand the power of language.
  • Scarlett – You love to stick out your tongue and give raspberries.
  • Sadie – You’ve started giving kisses!


  • You both are still getting a mixture of formula and breast milk. You get 28 ounces a day across 4 bottles.
  • Solid foods are going well. You’ve had: sweet peas, sweet potato, prunes, pears, avocado, peaches, and squash. The only one you guys don’t like is peaches. You must get that from your Dad!

Current Schedule

  • 5:00am – Dad feeds you before work and then you go back to sleep. No more early morning bottles. Woot!
  • 7:30am – You get up for the day and have a bottle. You play, read, and bounce and then take a nap at 10:00am.
  • 11:30pam – Another bottle and more play time.
  • 1:30pm – You eat solid food, and then go down for a nap around 2:00pm.
  • 4:30pm – Another bottle, and family play time when everyone is home at 5pm. You take a bath at 6pm and then put on pajamas and go to bed.
  • 9:00pm – Last bottle and then back to bed.


  • You guys have are pretty great sleepers! Sadie, you like to wake up from your afternoon nap early. It seems like you need less sleep than your sister.


  • Sadie – You are still goofy and happy. You love to be around family and get upset if you are left alone. You are definitely going through a stranger-danger phase and get really upset when people (even Papa and Uncle Tim) come to the house.
  • Scarlett – You are our chill, laid-back baby. It seems like you are a little sponge, and you are just absorbing everything. You love to watch and observe. You like things to be labeled for you, and you really pay attention when we sign to you. You are still super snuggly. You also like to play hide and seek!

What you love:

  • Sadie – You love to bounce, and move. You love when people talk to you or sing to you. You also love Sophie the Giraffe.
  • Scarlett – You love books and flashcards. You also love to watch and play with your brother. You LOVE your green teether and you are chewing like crazy.

Weight and Length

  • You are both around 16.5 pounds and 26.5 inches

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