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Advent Calendar – Week 3


Crafts, Christmas lists, shopping, and Rudolph. It was a pretty great week!

14. Go to Michael’s and pick out a Christmas craft. Gray picked out a huge Christmas mansion to build. I let him build that with James (because it looked like a ridiculous amount of work) and it turned out great!

christmas house
The Christmas manor!

15. Go shopping for presents for your sisters. Oof. This was rough. Sometimes I forget that Gray is 2. 2-year-olds don’t really think about anybody but themselves – and that’s okay. Gray thought his sister’s would want dragons and trains for Christmas. We finally narrowed it down to animals and he picked a horse for Sadie and a tiger for Scarlett.


gray and trains

16. Make a Christmas list for Santa. This was pretty great. Gray and I perused through Amazon together. I nudged him towards some things I knew he was getting. He also came up with some random stuff (a bear game, a monkey toy). I copied the images and pasted them on a document we printed out. He was very proud of this list! She showed it to everyone who came to the house for the next 4 days.

christmas list
Gray’s list

17. Make footprint crafts. Watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Gray didn’t want to paint his feet, so we watched this instead. I’d never watched this an adult, and it is a weird movie. Gray sat through it, but hasn’t asked for it since then.

18. Make reindeer food. Medium success. We made puppy chow – melted chocolate, peanut butter, chex and powdered sugar. Once again, a lot of stove usage which limits what Gray can do independently. It sure was yummy though!

19. Go look at Christmas lights. This one was SO easy. We drove Gray around at night and he gleefully labeled all of the cool things he saw.

This was such a low-key, easy week! We had fun, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

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