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Advent Calendar – Week 4

calendar week 4

20. Go see Santa! This was fantastic! We made a reservation to see Santa and were able to see him without waiting at all. Gray walked up to him, handed him his list, went over it and then happily took pictures. The girls didn’t cry and we were able to get this great picture of all of us:

family with santa21. Wrap presents. Not a big hit. Gray put some bows on boxes and we called it a day.

22. Take Christmas pictures. We had to reschedule our pictures because of ridiculous Texas weather. We decided to put the kids in their Christmas pajamas and take pictures in front of the tree.

christmas card

23. Go to the Frosty the Snowman play. Gray LOVED the play. We read and watched a lot of Frosty in preparation. He was totally engrossed the entire time. We asked if he wanted to leave at intermission and we got an enthusiastic, “NO!”

Frosty play
Frosty play

24. Open your Christmas Eve box. Open family Christmas presents. We opened the box on the 22nd because we needed the pajamas. We opened Christmas presents with my family instead.

Bunny house
Gray FINALLY got his beloved Bunny House

I am not going to lie, I’m kind of glad the Advent calendar is over. It was A LOT of work. However, it was a pretty magical Christmas season so it was worth it. I may just take it down a notch next year.

Dear future Sarah,

In 2016, pick more “easy” activities. Don’t cram so much baking into one week. Not every day has to be a production filled with Christmas joy. Host fewer parties.

-Present Sarah who needed a week to recover from all of the Christmas fun.

P.S. Good luck getting ANY of this done with 2 mobile twins!

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