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How to Survive Traveling with 3 Under 3

travel with 3 under 3

We made it! We survived traveling with our 3 kiddos on a plane. It was crazy and stressful. It was also totally doable. Hubs and I are a great team, and we’ve been together so long, we can work together in sync without talking or checking in. This trip was an incredible amount of teamwork. There were multiple times on this trip where we looked at each other, high fived, and yelled, “PARENTING!” It’s a silly joke from How I Met Your Mother, but it’s a way for us to celebrate little victories and take a breath. Here are the things that helped us on the trip:

  • Check the carseats and stroller when you get there. American allows you to check one carseat and one stroller for each ticket. On the way to Indiana, we checked Gray’s carseat when we got there. We put the girls in their carseats, put them in the Snap & Go‘s and headed for security. BIG mistake. For some reason, I thought we would just glide through security with the girls in the stroller. Nope! The stroller and the carseats have to go through the x-ray machine. We had to hold the girls, juggle that, and get our shoes off. We needed 3 TSA agents to help us. On the way home, we checked all of those things as soon as we got there. This bring me to my next point…
  • Wear the babies! We love babywearing anyways, but I can’t think of a time babywearing is more useful than in a crowded airport. Our hands were free, the babies were happy, and they were able to nap on the plane.
  • Get carseat bags. We bought the JL Childress Gate Check Bag for the infant carseats, the J.L. Childress Ultimate Carseat Travel Bag for the toddler seat and the J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Standard & Double Strollers for the Snap & Go. I think this was money extremely well spent. It kept the seats clean and it made them much easier to carry. The best part is anything you can shove in these bags you can check for free. We shoved in blankets, winter coats, and boots. Totally worth it.
  • Stay in a hotel room with a door. We stayed at the La Quinta in a family-style suite. The girls had their own room with 2 pack and plays. We put them in there, shut the doors and were able to relax.
  • Rent the mini-van. I was not someone who fought getting a mini-van. We looooove ours, and I can’t imagine hauling the kids and the stuff without it.
  • Bring tons of snacks and entertainment. The ipad, sticker books, and snacks were all Gray needed. The girls played with books and flashcards. No crying or bad behavior on the plane. Win!

We definitely spent money on things we didn’t HAVE to have. The extra money on the van, bags and hotel all helped to make our trip more manageable. This was by no means a vacation, but I am so glad we went. My 85-year-old Grandma got to meet the girls for the first time:

grandma and twins
Worth every penny
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