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big news

We have some big news! We didn’t think our life was crazy or chaotic enough, so we decided to up the ante! We bought a new house!

We are moving at the end of March. In the mean time we need to pack this house, get this house ready to sell, move, unpack at the new house, raise 3 kids, work and somehow make some time to be a couple. I feel like I need to catch my breath and I am out of my blogging groove. We have so much exciting stuff going on this Spring, and I can’t wait to write about it. I just may need to put it on hold for a bit.

Wish us luck!

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  • Congratulations!

  • hello Sarah:

    I figured I would comment on your blog and website here. It is your old favorite babysitter, Mary (Jira) Brohm. I am doing well and extremely busy just as you are. I am now a 47 year old mom of a 19 year old college student (my daughter) Megan who is studying to be a Pre-School teacher like her mom and (my son 17 Michael) a junior in High School who hopes to be an accountant someday, he will be a senior next year and then I will have two in college. Yikes here comes the gray may need extra highlights in the hair. Also I am a wife to my husband Dave of 21 years just this March but been together for 25 years. We also have a dog Saidy who is 4 and she is like a baby. I also teach Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten part-time and we are moving April 15th to a new house or I should say downsizing. We sold our house in 4 months and I have been packing up and cleaning stuff out. It is a lot of work. I wish you luck on your move and unfortunately I can only take the day of closing and our move off which is the 15th of April then back to work on that Monday. I will get settled slowly that is why I have older kids to help—ya right wishful thinking the moms usually do it all. Take care Sarah and much love to you and your family what a beautiful family you do have. I think of you and your brother very often.


    Mary (Jira) Brohm

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