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gray is 3


I CANNOT believe you are three! You are such a fun little boy. You love to explore and move. You love to learn and understand the world. You can be stubborn but are usually easygoing. You are very thoughtful – you get toys when your sisters cry, you find a tissue if someone sneezes, if someone is sick you feel their forehead. You just moved into the primary classroom and are learning all kinds of new things. I think three is going to be a great year! Here are some of the things you are up to:

What you love:

  • Watching movies – Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Frozen, and Zootopia are your current favorites.
  • Playing hide and seek.
  • Our new backyard – You love the sandbox, bounce house, and your bike.
  • Books – Mrs. Wishy Washy, Rosie Revere Engineer, Click Clack Moo and Where the Wild Things Are
  • Making people laugh – You have a goofy personality and love to play pranks on Mom and Dad.
  • Playing games – You are super competitive and like Cariboo, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, and Elefun.

What you can do:

  • Cook! – You like to chop, peel, mix and pour.
  • TALK – You never stop asking questions! You want to know what things are, what they do and WHY everything happens. You have so much language that our babysitter assumed you were turning 4, not 3.
  • Sing – You like to sing songs from movies, school and anything you hear on the radio.
  • Jump – You finally learned to jump and you are so proud of yourself!
  • Academics – You know your colors, shapes and love to count.

What you are learning to do:

  • Use scissors.
  • Learn your letters – you are really interested in your letters right now. You know a, g, s and t and the sounds they make.
  • Write – You can make circles, dots and lines. You are starting to trace.

Here is a mini-interview we did the other day:


Gray, I absolutely adore you. You surprise me and make me laugh every single day. I am so lucky to be your Mom!

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