Surprising Things that Happen when your Baby Wears a Helmet

baby hemet

Sadie was the bottom twin. Scarlett basically sat on her for 9 months. Because of this, Sadie liked to lay on her head in a weird way and she developed plagiocephaly on her head. She got a DOC Band helmet to correct this in December. It has been a long journey, but she got it off last week! Woohoo! Here are some things I wish I knew before she got her helmet.

  • Your baby may have trouble adjusting to the helmet. The first 6 weeks were really rough. Sadie has sensitive skin and kept getting sores and blisters on her temples. She would wear it for 2 days, get a sore, leave it off for 3 days to let it heal, and repeat. We finally figured out that using cortisone cream every day would keep the sores away.
  • You might be upset. I take children with autism into the community every day. I have a brother with Down Syndrome. I am used to strangers staring and looking at me. It is different when it’s your own child. I was SO upset about other people seeing Sadie in her helmet. I said I would never post pictures of her on social media and we weren’t going to take her out in public often. I cried when she got her helmet. I couldn’t stand the thought of a physical “thing” on Sadie that indicated she wasn’t perfect. I am embarrassed by how superficial I was, but I quickly got over it. Sadie didn’t care. James didn’t care. Strangers were really nice…
  • People are (surprisingly) not jerks. I was so worried that people would stare at Sadie, or make comments. This was SO not the case for us. People did come up to us, but only to say their baby had a helmet too. A lot of people told us it was totally worth it, and their toddler (or teenager!) had a perfect head now.
  • If your baby is crazy like Sadie, the helmet will be a godsend. Sadie is our little bull in a china shop and she is always on the move. She falls and bumps her head constantly. The helmet saved us from a few urgent care visits.
  • Your baby will get used to his or her helmet, and will not want to take it off. Sadie is very used to her DOC band and now gets upset when it is off. She even signs “hat” to get us to put it back on! I’m not sure what she’s going to do when it comes off for good!
  • You will get so used to the helmet that your baby will look weird without it! When I come home and Sadie’s helmet is off, it startles me! I am so used to seeing her with it on!
  • You will find ways to make it cute. We got Sadie’s helmet wrapped by Wrap Buddies. They are an awesome non-profit that decorates pediatric helmets FOR FREE. They have a ton of designs and host a wrap party where you get to meet other kiddos (and families) with plagiocephaly. My friend Jamie also created some adorable velcro bows for the helmet. Check out her Etsy shop The Luxury Girl.  BONUS: Jamie is giving our readers 20% off at her shop! Use the code FANCYHELMET.

Sadie in a helmet

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  • When in the world to you find time to blog? I mean, really. You are making us all look bad. Hope you all are well. Your site is beautiful as are your kids.

    • Hahaha! Everybody needs a hobby 🙂 I hope you guys are doing well too!

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